Runaway scooter carries off woman

Eileen Bishop, an 87-year-old Cornish woman was rescued by police five miles from home when her mobility scooter sped off out of control.

Japanese popstar dressed as pineapple robbed in Malmö

Hideki Kaji, a Japanese pop star dressed in a pineapple costume was robbed while on the set for a music video shoot in Sweden.


Bosnian tried to kill mother-in-law

Miroslav Miljich as been sentenced to six and half years in prison for attempting to kill his mother-in-law with a rocket-launcher…

Cannabis causes brain damage…

Pendant 10 ans, à Sydney, un homme s'est cru marié à sa colocataire…


Killer unknowingly cast in prison movie

Murderer Clifton Bloomfield appears as an extra in Val Kilmer’s movie “Felon”.

A judge locked up killer Clifton Bloomfield for 195 years, but now the multiple murderer is out–on video–in a movie role he filmed between homicides.

Bloomfield described himself as trustworthy and reliable a year and a half ago when casting director David Córdova was auditioning extras for the Sony Pictures movie ” Felon ” starring Steven Dorff and New Mexico resident Val Kilmer.

2009 : An Underpants Odyssey

Japanese astronaunt Koichi Wakata tests space-age underpants…

Crazy US Sex Law!

Sex with animals is perfectly legal for men in Washington state, as long as the animal weighs less than 40 Ibs (18 Kg).


Crash survivor wakes up in coffin

Like out of a slapstick movie, Radoslav Pokrajac a Croatian motorist crashed through an undertaker’s window and ended up in an open coffin.