Bennie Wint

Bennie faked his death and went on the run for 20 years mistakenly thinking the police were after him on drugs charges...

Alexander Cheplevsky

Alexander Cheplevsky, pilot drunk refused to leave cockpit despite passenger revolt....

When passengers from a Moscow to New York flight complained that their pilot was "drunk" after he spewed a confused, drawled and inaudible announcement before take off were told that it was no big deal if the pilot had been drinking because, "all he has to do is press a button and the plane flies itself."

Teunis Tenbrook

Tenbrook was banned from Erasmus University in Rotterdam after people complained that his stinky feet disturbs their concentration…


Police to sell sheep paraded as car thief…

The sheep suspected to be human
Kwara - Nigéria - 01/27/2009

Redneck Smokers

Sleeping Beauty

Husband's kiss woke "sleeping beauty wife" in coma after heart attack…


Campagne Authentica 2009 - Pin-Up Série #1

"Mon salon avait besoin d'un Lifting"
Première Opération de la campagne 2009 des magasins Authentica.
Les suivantes sortiront tout le long de cette année.


Buffalo Car

One of my dreams is to drive an old American car in Arizona…


Aïe aïe aïe! Voici la mamie broyeuse

Jamie, 88 ans, Oregon… elle fait fuir un cambrioleur naturiste…

Cette illustration fait partie de la première série d'illustrations pour la rubrique
"News of the Monde" du magazine Voici.

À partir de samedi 31/01/2009, chaque semaine vous pouvez retrouver dans Voici
3 nouvelles illustrations pour cette double page avec des histoires aussi farfelues
les unes que les autres…