To Catch A Thief

A 71-year-old woman chased and caught a 32-year-old man Saturday in Ikuno Ward, Osaka, after he snatched her bag and fled by bicycle, pursuing him on her bicycle for about 350 meters, police said.


Fernando Diaz, Lerdo (México)
– il joue les Superman pour un chien qui n’avait besoin de rien. –

Groom robbed banks to pay for wedding

A desperate bridegroom staged four bank robberies after his wife-to-be's plans for a huge white wedding got out of hand.



Voici Bertille ma nièce, pour laquelle je me suis régalé à faire le faire-part de naissance. J'espère que plus tard il lui plaira autant qu'il à plu à ses parents ;-)

Mr Eat-it-all in record bid

Salim Haini, alias El Akoul (The Eater), discovered his digestive talents…
…Competition will be tough.

The record for the world's strangest diet is held by Frenchman Michel Lotito "Mr Mangetout" who over the years consumed 128 bicycles, 15 supermarket trolleys, six chandeliers, two beds and a pair of skis…

Faux mariage, vrai divorce

Tel Aviv (27/02/2009), une jeune mariée de 14 ans divorce après un mariage "pour rire"


Valérie Damidot

Les Frenchies reconnaîtront la célèbre présentatrice TV qui m'a inspiré cette illustration.


M. Fan

Tycoon's beauty contest for his FIVE mistresses ends in tragedy - when spurned woman drives him and four rivals off a cliff.

Thong Bandits

Richard Espinoza and Joaquin Rico broke into a convenience store in Denver, Colorado, with blue and green thongs draped over their faces as makeshift masks.


Eric David Hampton

David Eric Hampton allegedly robbed a gas station but forgot to fill up, and he was captured after his getaway car ran out of gas.

Lukasz Zapalowski

10 Feb 2009... Police said Lukasz Zapalowski, 22, called cops to rat out his mom - who merely had told him to take a bath once a week, clean up his room and help with the rent.